Nicole Brenez: Favorite Films of 2017

The Ride - Stéphanie Gillard

Nicole Brenez: Favorite Films of 2017 (as submitted to the Sight & Sound poll and to the annual collection of lists curated by Toronto Film Review)

  • The Ride – Stéphanie Gillard
  • A Feeling Greater Than Love – Mary Jirmanus Saba
  • Sakhisona – Prantik Narayan Basu
  • Rubber Coated Stee – Lawrence Abu Hamdan
  • This is a War, Baby – Yuri Pupyrin

superb films I’m not mentioning first because they already received several well-deserved awards

  • Barbs, Wastelands – Marta Mateus
  • Les îles – Yann Gonzalez
  • I Don’t Think I Can See an Island – Christopher Becks and Emmanuel Lefrant
  • The Burden – Niki Lindroth von Bahr

additional entries submitted to Toronto Film Review, in no order

  • Des choses comme ça – Paul Grivas
  • Lecture about the impossible adaptation of Ovid by the cinema, Elisabeth de Fontenay, Femis, December 8, 2017